It's Time to Get Your Car Battery Replaced.

Learn more about why it is important to test your battery as part of your vehicle maintenance.
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Your complete resource for vehicle battery knowledge by the largest manufacturer of automotive batteries in the world, Clarios. This site provides valuable information to help you purchase, recycle, install, jump-start, charge, or maintain your battery for all your vehicles. You can quickly find a retailer near you to test your battery for free, purchase a new battery and recycle your used battery. Our goal is to be your one stop for battery information.

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Recycling your battery is easy!

Up to 99% of your car battery is recyclable and can be used to make new batteries and other products. Most retailers will give you a credit for your used battery even if you do not purchase a new battery.

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The Battery Shop

The Battery Shop, powered by Clarios is your one stop shop for vehicle battery knowledge. It provides you with "How To" videos on car battery maintenance and care and car battery installation videos.

About Clarios

Every journey matters.
And so does the battery
that powers each of them.

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Clarios creates the most advanced battery technologies for virtually every type of vehicle. We are a global leader in energy storage solutions, powering one in three of the world’s vehicles. We partner with our customers to develop smarter solutions that make people’s lives better.