Remove the Old Car Battery.

Installation- Step 3: Remove the Old Car Battery

  • Before removing the old battery, note the location of the positive battery terminal and mark the polarity on the positive cable. This will help you avoid installing the new battery in a reversed position.
  • Read and follow the Safety and Handling information on this website before you begin.
  • Disconnect the battery terminal cables by loosening the screws on the cable clamps. Remove the negative cable first, then the positive cable.
  • Unfasten the battery hold-down strap. This is the metal strap that keeps the battery secured.
  • Remove the battery hold-down strap and the two long screws.
  • Pull up on the battery to remove it from the car, using care to keep the battery as upright as possible. This will minimize the possibility of spilling electrolyte and damaging other vehicle parts. Do not lift the battery by its terminals.
  • Inspect the battery for possible damage or corrosion.
  • Ensure proper disposal by returning it to the store or work shop where you purchased the replacement battery, or to any other spent battery drop-off location. Visit the Recycling page on this site for more information.

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