Prepare to Install Your Car Battery, always adher to all safety precautions.

Installation - Step 1: Prepare to Install Your Car Battery

To install your new battery, first make sure you never work on or near a battery without carefully adhering to all safety precautions and that you have all the proper tools to get the job done:

Wrenches: Cable clamp nuts and side terminal connections should be loosened and tightened with the correct size wrench. Incorrect sizes can damage the points of contact and make the nuts and terminal connections difficult, sometimes impossible, to loosen or tighten.

Cable Clamp Puller: The cable clamp puller is used to remove the cable clamp from the battery terminal after the clamp has been loosened. It prevents damage caused by lateral or twisting forces.

Cable Clamp Spreader: The cable clamp spreader expands cable clamps after they have been removed from the terminals and allows them to be placed back on the terminals in their proper position without force.

Tapered Terminal and Cable Clamp Cleaning Brush: This brush is designed to clean tapered battery terminals and the surfaces of lead die-cast cable clamps. Wire brushes should never be used on stamped-metal cable clamps, since the brushes could wear away the corrosion-resistant surface.

Scraper and Wire Brush: These can be used to remove dirt, corrosion and rust from portions of the battery tray, the hold-down and the hold-down bolts.

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