OPTIMA Batteries with SPIRALCELL TECHNOLOGY have unmatched power, reliability and durability.

OPTIMA SPIRALCELL Technology is built to make batteries more vibration-resistant, have higher starting power and quicker recharge, while having a longer life expectancy than flat-plate batteries.

OPTIMA SPIRALCELL Technology is built with a SIX PACK® cell design, a series of individual spiral-wound cells composed of two pure (99.99%) lead plates coated in a precise layer of lead oxide. The unique cell design has an internal structural advantage that helps it hold its shape even under harsh weather conditions, corrosion and heavy vibrations, which traditional batteries are not built to withstand. OPTIMA Batteries are non-spillable and can be mounted in any position.

OPTIMA SPIRALCELL Technology Battery Applications

Accessory-Loaded Vehicles, Audio Systems, Trucks with Winches, Vintage Cars and Boats with Trolling Motors

OPTIMA Batteries are a great premium choice for vehicles with large power demands, and for people who seek greater reliability and expect a longer life in their batteries. Accessory-loaded vehicles, high-demand electronic or audio systems, trucks with winches and boats with trolling motors all add to the demand on a battery, and require one that’s designed to deliver more power than traditional batteries.

Strong Starting Power and Harsh Environment Conditions

Not only do batteries with OPTIMA SPIRALCELL Technology have up to threetimes the life expectancy compared to standard lead-acid batteries, they also have the strongest starting power in their class. If you are using your vehicle in harsh environmental conditions, they are 15 times more vibration-resistant.

To get the most out of your battery, batteries with OPTIMA SPIRALCELL Technology have a unique design that protects against corrosion, damaging vibrations, acid leakage and harsh weather conditions. They recharge faster and deliver more recharges than a traditional battery, so they can be brought back from deep power drains, perfect for deep-cycle applications.

OPTIMA SPIRALCELL Technology Battery Construction

Batteries with OPTIMA SPIRALCELL Technology have a case that is completely sealed to withstand rough handling and harsh environments. Built using precision plastic welding techniques, the case is completely sealed, forming a one-piece, airtight package. Tightly compressed cells allow mounting in multiple positions without leaking or damaging your vehicle.

The making of OPTIMA SPIRALCELL Technology batteries is a unique process of spiral-winding continuous lead plates, which is tightly controlled and more expensive than building traditional batteries, but offers higher quality and performance.

OPTIMA SPIRALCELL Technology Battery Benefits

  • Up to 3x longer llife compared to standard lead-acid batteries
  • Up to 5x more cycle life compared to standard lead-acid batteries
  • Maximum starting performance
  • 15x more vibration resistant vs. standard lead-acid batteries
  • Handles high electrical loads
  • Faster recharge time and deep-cycling capability
  • Nonspillable and maintenance-free
  • Performs in abusive environments (extreme heat, etc.)

OPTIMA SPIRALCELL Technology Battery Disadvantages

  • Higher initial investment

Science of the Six Pack Technology

A look inside the ULTIMATE POWER SOURCE.

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