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IAvailable exclusively from your local Toyota® Dealer, TRUESTART® batteries are designed to provide the stringent reserve capacity (RC) levels mandated by Toyota. Genuine Toyota TRUESTART batteries and Toyota trained technicians maintain the quality that was built into your Toyota.

Why is RC important? It directly relates to the battery's ability to hold a charge and provide cranking ability time after time after time. Reserve capacity is also the battery's ability to provide additional power to your vehicle's electrical system when the alternator is overworked. A balance between CCA and RC is paramount to optimum performance. That's exactly what you get when you purchase a Toyota TrueStart battery. It will provide you with the combination of CCA's and RC approved by the Toyota engineer who designed your vehicle.

Wondering if you need a new battery? Your Toyota dealership is equipped to perform a simple, quick and accurate electronic battery diagnostic test.

Genuine Toyota TRUESTART batteries and certified Dealer care will maintain the quality that was built into your Toyota!