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Maintenance & Storage


Automotive Batteries

  • Test your battery on a regular basis, including when you have your car serviced, before long trips or after it's been recharged.

  • Maintain all areas/parts of your vehicle as directed in your owner's manual and/or by your mechanic. This will reduce the chance of other engine components draining power from your battery. It's not always the battery's fault when a car doesn't start, but often a symptom of other problems.

Deep Cycle/Marine Batteries

Storing your battery for extended periods

  • Charge the battery until it is completely charged

  • Store it in a cold place but not where it will consistently go below 32F

  • Check the battery every two months and recharge if necessary*

  • Remove all electrical connections from the battery including series/parallel connectors

*A fully charged specific gravity of 1.265 corrected to 80F is assumed.

Maintenance tips for extended battery life

  • Regularly clean the battery container and terminals

  • Make sure vent caps are tight to prevent water or baking soda from entering cells

  • Apply baking soda to any corrosion and rinse cover with water

  • Check your battery's electrolyte level before charging, it should be at the bottom of the vent splash band:

    - Electrolyte level low? Add distilled water to bring level to the bottom of the vent walls.
    - Distilled water not available? Use a good drinking water. It's better than adding nothing; otherwise the battery plate will dry out and the battery could lose its capacity.

Recharging guidelines for maximum life

  1. Recharge immediately after each use

  2. Use battery charger matched to the battery's size

  3. Do not overcharge; an automatic charger that turns off or on with a timer is your best bet

  4. Always slow charge a deep cycle battery; never fast charge or boost charge it

  5. A 10-12 hour charge with the appropriate charger at the correct amp rate will usually bring your battery to a full state of charge from a deep discharge

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